For every animal growth and body maintenance feeding additives are quite necessary. You can opt for feed additives from local stores or you can get the expensive fancy ones as well. But the great thing we need to know is that pigs can eat the household scraps as well. There are six basic things that every pig needs for growth and maturation. And this is because we can in return get sufficient meat and milk from the animals. The six basics that are required are water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. All these listed basics are necessary for every human as well. Because this collectively helps us all to grow better and stay healthier. If you are not able to afford the food additives then you can pass on your household scrap food to your poultry pigs. You can give those raw vegetables or cooked meat or veggies. You can give them leftover restaurant food, assuring that everything is well-cooked. You can give the pigs wild leaves or wild bananas if you are living near a forest. The pig feed additives meal is always sufficient for everyone who prefers eating it. However those who prefer traditional feeding processing can look forward to the following methods.

  • Mixing the right proportion of rice, grain or legumes and directly giving to the pigs.
  • One can also look for raw food materials and cook them evenly and pass it over to the pigs. They can also eat raw meat or veggies as it will prove to be healthy for the pigs and can increase the digestibility of the pigs as well.

As a result if the feed of the poultry pigs is top-class and well-balanced the chances of generating greater revenues will be high as well.